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In a small, smokey room, the curtain rises on a stage that might actually be a boxing ring, and a group of actors present a play about the moon, a banana tree and an elephant calf – but just who is performing for whom?

Bertolt Brecht’s classic short play about identity and performance took on a bold, technicolor new life in this dynamic interpretation by Calgary’s experimental theatre company. A surreal comic-drama that stands at the intersection of physical theatre and performance art.

Presented November 29 – December 10, 2016 at the Motel Theatre @ the Arts Commons (Calgary, Alberta)

Directed by Val Duncan
Performed by Kayla Bigras, Celene Harder and Zakk MacDonald
Fight Direction by Zakk MacDonald
Stage Management by Cassandra Watson
Lighting Design by Kathryn Smith
Graphic Design by Dean Mullin