Theatre Encounter | SPURT OF BLOOD
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An uninhibited and subversive vision of a world ripped apart by metaphysical disaster, animalistic urges, plague and infestation. A vicious, surreal modern creation myth, and a commentary on the baseness of the human experience.

This radical new interpretation of Artaud’s ‘unstageable’ play was developed in a collaborative creation process by Theatre Encounter’s experimental research branch, the Baader Meinhof Collective, and played to a sold out run.

Directed by MICHAEL FENTON. Assistant direction by CASSANDRA WATSON. Performed by MICHAEL ROGERS, MARCY LANNAN, CELENE HARDER and VAL DUNCAN. Stage and light design by DEAN MULLIN and JOHN HALE. Set Construction by JESSE EVERATT. Sound design and stage management by JESSICA ROVANSEK.

Presented March 22 to 25, 2017 at Theatre Junction GRAND (Calgary AB)