Theatre Encounter | HEART OF DARKNESS
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Considered one of the most important novels of the 20th Century, Heart of Darkness leapt into contemporary popularity with Francis Ford Coppola’s Vietnam war-movie Apocalypse Now, heavily based on the book. Heart of Darkness charts the voyage of Marlow on his quest up a river to face a rogue ivory trader, Kurtz, and return him to ‘civilization’.

On the way, he faces the hypocrisy and madness of colonial imperialism and the break down of civilized society on an intense journey into existential, symbolic and abandoned values about what culture really is.

Theatre Encounter rendered this classic work into a physical reinterpretation of text, movement and dance, charting our society’s imperialistic values up the river of personal ideals and societal gains and loss, into the internal quest of the self.

Presented November 21-24, 2012 at Theatre Junction GRAND (Calgary, Alberta)

Dance Choreography: Sarah Poffenroth, Jennifer DeWolf
Original Music: Riley Koenig
Starring: Rhandi Neal, Andrew Lewis, Claire Bolton, Kristina Stephenson, Shelby Jansen and Keena Herman
Designed by: Brian MacNeil (Lights), Anna Lopez (Costume & Make Up)
Assistant Direction and Stage Management by Chelsey Fawcett; Physical Movement Work by Mike Unrau; Photography by Constant de la Cruz
Extra Audio Design by Aidan Lytton, Audio Editing by Cameron O’Hara