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Join Theatre Encounter’s company of artists and become acquainted with Japan’s “dance of darkness” in this one-day workshop facilitated by Georgette Paré.

Georgette Paré brings her experience of training with a roster of Butoh Master Teachers and Performers from around the globe. Artists such as Ko Murobushi, Daisuki Yoshimoto, Mari Osani – from Japan in Cave Studios Brooklyn; Juko Kaseki – from Japan in Cave Theatre and Studio 6 Berlin; Rhea Volig, in Argentina; Itto Morito -from Japan in Storm Theatre Rotterdam;  Jay Hirabayashi from Canada, Yoshito Ouno from Japan in Kokoro Dance Vancouver BC; Imre Thormann- from Switzerland in Barracks Studios Berlin, Germany; and Sankai Juku – from Japan in Guanajuato Mexico.


Georgette herself has performed in Holland, Canada, the US, and Mexico. She has also taught Butoh workshops and courses here in Alberta, in Red Deer, U of L, and U of C. Her experience includes methods from three eras of Butoh. She says that the eras are both mobile and helical, they can travel and be traveled up and down in exploration and performance.


1.the early era of shocking grotesque expression, jolts the performers and audience to look at the the way their bodies have been hidden, disguised, restricted and denied quotidian or artistic acknowledgment of real pleasure, pain and/or mundane function


2.the middle era of spectacle pushes the body to its ultimate point of endurance inviting the performers and audience to contemplate their inadequate and underutilized physical and psychological capacity


3. the latest era of inside-out commentary embodies imagery. this third era includes elements of the first and second while re-introducing self to the discovery process. performers and audience slide and/or stumble into images, sporing from language, the under-mind, and that place in our existence that is there before we are born and after we die.


Georgette’s workshop germinates in the third era.


OCTOBER 7, 2017 – 9AM TO 6PM
FEE: $56
For more information oR to register, please contact Val Duncan:



Professional Training // Workshops on Demand

Theatre Encounter offers training workshops in our methodology to professional performers on an intermittent basis. Should you wish to be notified of our upcoming professional training sessions, or if you would like to request a program, please contact us.