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Two assassins await their prey in a basement room. They’ve been through this before. They pass the time with newspaper stories, sports talk, chips, tea and an Eccles cake. But today something is different. Today someone preys upon them, and when the “dumb waiter” brings food orders down from what they thought was an abandoned kitchen, the two begin to prey upon each other.The Dumb Waiter, written in 1958 and first performed in 1960, was one of Nobel Prize-winning playwright Harold Pinter’s first works for the stage. Often regarded as the most essential and distilled play of his signature “comedy of menace”, and as a seminal work of the “Theatre of the Absurd”, The Dumb Waiter has thrilled, intrigued and mystified audiences and scholars alike for over half a century.

Presented November 26 – December 5, 2014 at the Motel Theatre @ the Arts Commons (Calgary, Alberta).

The Dumb Waiter, by Harold Pinter
Directed by Ben Charland & Val Duncan
Featuring Rachel Gilliatt & Meredith Pritchard
Designed by Kathryn Smith
Stage Managed by Marie Boston; Photography by Mike Tan; Graphic Design by Mike Unrau