Theatre Encounter | Support
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Board of Directors


If you are interested in joining our board, contact us and learn about what it means to be a member of a dynamic and alternative artistic company.  Contact us for more information.


Joining Our Team


Offering your skills and efforts to our team can be an incredible way to learn and grow in your interest among a group of individuals devoted to deepening their enquiry into theatre.  Send us an introductory email and tell us what your interests are.




Do you have a passion for getting involved, but don’t have time for a long term commitment? Perhaps you love painting, or enjoy constructing, or love to work with people. Let us know your interests and how you’d like to get involved.  Volunteering can be a rewarding way to give back to your community.

Sponsor an Actor


Some of our interns are up-and-coming artists who are making the leap from a community profile to professional.  Often having been educated  in a University setting, these theatre artists have only the basic introductory level of theatre training.  Theatre Encounter uses its international experience to support and train actors in an on-going intensive environment.


You can directly support a specific actor’s artist growth by sponsoring them over a year of development.  This is a deeply important aspect of supporting the arts in Calgary by fostering the growth of artists on their journey to professional development.  Contact us if you’d like to support in this way.