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Jenifer LeBlanc in QUEST


David Thompson has been called “the greatest land geographer who ever lived”, mapping over 3.9 million square kilometres of North America from East to West Coast in his life-time. 2010 marked the bicentennial anniversary of his epic journey across the Great Divide.

Capturing the essence of this legend’s story, this performance piece that pushed the boundaries of physical exploration into the discovery of not only our physical world, but also the inner world of what it means to quest. From Canadian stories of different nations and global themes, Quest uncovers the bends and turns of what mythologist Joseph Campbell calls a ‘hero’s journey’, as man’s eternal struggle with nature, man, and ultimately with himself.

QUEST: David Thompson’s 1811 Journey

Presented November 23rd – 27th, 2010 at Dancers’ Studio West (now West Village Theatre) in Calgary, Alberta.

Directed by Mike Unrau
With written works by Val Duncan, Celene Harder, Jennifer LeBlanc & Mike Unrau. Starring: Val Duncan, Celene Harder, Jennifer LeBlanc.
Dance Choreography by Jacquey Morison.
Designed by: Joshua Fraser (Sound, Video & Set); Anna Lopez (Costume & Makeup); Chris DePape (Lights); John Hale (Set).
Stage Management by Krista Hudson; Illustration by Aimee Qui, Graphic Design by Jordan Schlachter. Physical Work by Mike Unrau.