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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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"Theatre only has meaning if it allows us to transcend the stereotyped vision." [Grotowski]
Theatre Encounter's annual Cinnamon Heartbreak Cabaret returns for its 5th year of sexy fun!
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Theatre Encounter is an experimental physical theatre company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Our work is based on classic texts rendered into contermporary interpretations.  For more information about our company, click here.

5th Annual Cinnamon Heartbreak Cabaret Tickets!
Join us on February 14th for a night of scintillating burlesque from the Rhinestone Affair followed by rockabilly beats with Stickshift Suicide, and get a sneak peek of our upcoming production of Eugene Ionesco's The Lesson.

This massively popular fundraising event will sell out, so get your tickets now! Just $25 in advance online.