Artists for Theatre Encounter

Lindsay Everatt  -  Graphic & Set Design; Photography
DJ Kelly  -  Consulting
Gillian Pinckney  -  Sound Design & Stage Management
Alana Phillips  -  Set & Costume Design
Elan Pratt  -  CoProducer (Maple Salsa)
Allison Turnbull  -  Set & Costume Design
Brian MacNeil  -  Lighting Design
Anna Lopez  -  Makeup Design
Dan Guiry  -  Sound Design
Dave Smith  -  Lighting Design
Megan Letourneau  -  Stage Mangement
Amos Altman  -  Playwright
Genevieve Bourdon  -  Script Artist
Maureen Jamison  -  Musician
Sarah Poffenroth  -  Dance Choreographer
Jennifer DeWolf  -  Dance Choreographer
Amanda Bourdon  -  Musician
Mark Unrau  -  Photography
The Evidence  -  Musicians
Riley Koenig  -  Musician, recording artist and soundscape designer
Calm Asa Comma  -  Musicians
Adam Power  -  Musician
Shauna Jayne Bellerose  -  Performing Artist
Jessie Everatt  -  Designer
Vince Brophy  -  Photographer and Videographer
Ajay Badoni  -  Lighting Designer and Stage Technician
Steve Jarand  -  Mask Creator & Instructor
Peter Balkwill  -  Mask Designer & Performance Creator
Maya Lewandowsky  -  Dance Choreographer
Jacquey Morison  -  Dance Choreographer
Krista Hudson  -  Stage Manager
Joshua Fraser  -  Audio, LIght & Stage Designer
Chris DePape  -  Lighting Designer
Nushi  -  Musicians
The Martyr Index  -  Musicians
The Bell Tower  -  Musicians
Celene Harder - Writer
Peaks  -  Musicians
Key to the City  -  Musicians
Constant de la Cruz  -  Photographer
Aidan Lytton  -  Audio Design
Cameron O'Hara  -  Audio Editing

Theatre Encounter
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Artistic Director
"We are not saints, but we have kept our appointment. How many people can boast as much?"  [Beckett]

Michael Fenton

is a director and performer based out of Calgary, Alberta; he attained a B.F.A. in drama from the University of Lethbridge and a M.F.A. in directing from the University of Calgary. Michael has worked at various theatres across Canada and New Zealand, whilst performing touring productions and directing plays. A four-year stint in Asia allowed him to observe and participate in an expansive array of performing arts from India to Japan. While willing to experiment with any theatrical genre and style, he holds an affinity for Expressionism, Melodrama and verse. Some directing highlights include Durang’s The Marriage of Bette and Boo (Christchurch Drama Centre, New Zealand), Brecht’s Baal (The University of Calgary), Barrie’s Peter Pan (Assistant Director, Alberta Theatre Projects) and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Theatre Encounter).
Honourary Artistic Associate; Co-Founder

Mike Unrau is a performer, director and teacher, studying theatre at both the University of Toronto and Sheridan College of the Arts. He is currently doing his PhD studies in physical creativity. He holds an M.F.A. at University of Calgary and focuses his theatre work on physical actions and their social implications. He has trained with Eugenio Barba's Odin Teatret, at the Jerzy Grotowski Institute in Poland, with Milon Mela in India, and has training experience in Feldenkrais, Continuum Movement, Alexander technique, clown (Pochinko), Theatre of the Oppressed, Playback Theatre, and is a certified Core Connexion facilitator.  He has acted across Canada, taught theatre through the Shaw Festival Theatre and at the University of Mysore, India.  He has won awards including a United Nations International Year of Freshwater & W.O.W Initiative committee’s Award for co-writing, and a Hart House award for acting. He was Artistic Director for a small theatre company in Toronto, has been an International Fellow Abroad heading several theatre projects in India, hosted the television show The Active Traveller, and was a clown in the Circus Carnivale in Australia.
Managing Director

Lauren Mazuryk is currently working in Human Resource Management within the manufacturing sector. She has spent the last 7 years working in administration and human resources in the automotive industry in Ontario and has recently moved back to her home town of Calgary. Lauren received her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the University of Lethbridge where she was actively involved in the Theatre Arts Society and the creation of Twoonie Theatre. She is currently completing her Certified Human Resources Professional designation through the HRIA.

Artistic Producer

Val Duncan is a graduate of the University of Calgary where she studied English Literature with an emphasis on early Renaissance dramatic texts. She has performed in numerous productions with Theatre Encounter, including Caligula, The Glass Menagerie and Medea, and also co-directed the company's 2014 production of The Dumb Waiter. Apart from her work with Theatre Encounter, Val has also performed with The Shakespeare Company, Mob Hit Productions, and is a co-creator of Valour & Tea Productions.
Volunteers are the cornerstone of any society.  At the foundation of all creative and progressive cultures stands a thick wall of cohesive individuals that join to bolster organisations from nothingness to something greater. Theatre Encounter gratefully acknowledges the extensive work contributed to what we are trying to do. So many believe in our vision and work that great thanks are offered to our many supporters. The following list is a brief introduction to some of these people. 

If you would like to volunteer for Theatre Encounter, as an artist or in any other facet, please contact us, as we are always looking for constructive assistance.
Eastport Lion's Club
Maple Salsa
Broken City
Lux Windows
Alix Woods
Mr. & Mrs. Kocourek
Jesse and Randy Set Construction
Copy Solutions
Rick Dorsch from Calgary Fastners & Tools LTD
The Old Trout Puppet Company
La Caravan Dance Theatre
Loose Moose Theatre Company
Proline Shooters
Kent, Ray & Marg Fenton

Other Contributors

Fran Jamison
Mike Jamison
Neil Baron
Catalin Obogeanu
Ihor Mazuryk
Chandra Mazuryk
Herb Matthews
Hank Unrau
Sam Hughes-Martin
Jackie Jenkins
Natalia Zoldak
Bill Purcell
Grammy Lam
Trevor Obrien
Lise Tellier
Melissa Casey
Gerardo Marquez

©2012. Photos by Mark Unrau Photography.
Company Artist  Alumna (actor)

Elan Pratt has been involved in theatre for over 20 years. As a company artist with Theatre Encounter, she performed in their productions of The Glass Menagerie, Caligula, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Death and Devil, as well as directing The Cremation of Sam McGee. She is also an ensemble member with Maple Salsa Theatre having performed in The Dali Hours, Macula, Neruda Nude and The Lorca Trilogy. She is a graduate of the University of Calgary’s Drama Program, has attended the Canadian National Voice Intensive and trained with Massachusetts’ Double Edge Theatre.

Bookkeeping Consultant

Lenka Plaskonova holds a Masters Degree in Business Management from the  University of Economy in Bratislava, Slovakia. After moving to Canada she worked for various companies in administration, accounting and marketing. Lenka is a lover of music, dance and theatre and has studed and played music since childhood. She is a proud mother of three boys who she encourages to play music and take drama classes.
Previous Company
Our Previous Company members have been important contributors, facilitators and believers in Theatre Encounter's work.  We have  created stepping stones to broaden our structural and artistic endeavours and our previous company members have assisted in putting these pieces into place.  We literally couldn't have done it without these extraordinary individuals. They include:

Kyungseo Min was our performing intern for the 2014-2015 season

Jordan Schlachter  was our Graphic Designer in Residence, and all around company supporter.

Gregg Kocourek was our Marketing and Advertising Coordinator and then Consultant, and helped put on several of our fundraising events.

Jennifer LeBlanc was our Acting Intern and then Company Assistant helping with critical duties as funding research.

Sarah Smith was our Marketing & Advertising Coordinator, and coordinated one of our fundraising events at Yuk Yuks each year.

Chelsey MacDonald was our Directing Intern, and assisted with the companies functioning.

Andrew Lewis was our Acting Intern, and assisted with the companies functioning.

Patricia Quequezana was our Marketing & Advertising Assistant, and joined in actualizing our marketing strategies.

Aimee Qiu, was our Illustration Artist and worked with us during the formative years to assure great design and artistry.

Geoff Matthews was our Fundraising Coordinator and assisted with keeping our company abreast of financial viability initiatives.

Theatre Encounter's Internship Program invites young actors and directors into the company for one year to study, perform, direct and work with the company's inner workings.  This is an incredible opportunity for artists to learn more about a company and progress as an actor or director at the same time.

To learn more about the program, click here.      

Our current intern is Nicole Foussekis-Stewart

Nicole is a graduate from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts in English Honors. Her honors thesis examined how a reader “performs” T.S Eliot’s The Waste Land, which was a bizarre spawn of her acute interest in both poetry and theatre. By day, Nicole works in Calgary’s Corporate overworld, and by night, she works on writing a play that satirizes corporate complacency.
Marketing & Advertising Coordinator

Jessica Melnychuk is a graduate of Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, where she studied Journalism and Communications. She has been published in Western Living Magazine, BeatRoute, the Calgary Journal, The Reflector, and Profiles West. Jessica has been passionate about theatre, film and music since childhood and loves being involved with the local community. She is excited to continue with Theatre Encounter for her second season.
Board of Directors
Frances Jamison  - President
Gregg Kocourek - Treasurer
Lauren Mazuryk - Secretary
Robert Lam - Director
Simon Sia - Director
Jodie Schmalzbauer - Director
Michael Fenton - Officer